2020-2021 Chair: Kamila Tomaszewsk 


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5th Graders

Are you in 5th grade and graduating this year? The Medina Yearbook would like to feature three of your answers to our graduate questions. Submit your answers in the form below by Monday, April 25, 2021:

5th Grade Questionnaire


Past Photo Submissions


NEW CATEGORIES FOR MARCH! The yearbook is taking photo submission until Wednesday March 31st for the last time this school year! Photos will be accepted under the following specific categories. Please read each description carefully. 

Category Descriptions

Portrait Pictures – if you did not take pictures during Medina’s Picture Day, you may upload your child’s portrait in this album. Please include only a headshot (use the cover photo as a reference) and use a neutral background (i.e.; grey, beige, white). Please ensure there are no patterns, objects, or people in the background.


KG, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade– each grade will have a mixed section of candid photos. Please post only ONE photo of your child in their grade album.  Please include the child’s name, grade and teacher in the tag or comments.


CLUBS (Chess, Destination Imagination, Math, Reading, Running, Snow Sports) – if your child has participated in any of these Medina clubs, you may include ONE photo per club.


5th Grade Graduates  – since this is our graduating class, parents are invited to post any special memories from the 2020-2021 year of their 5th grader! You may post up to THREE photos per child.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to:
  2. In the top right corner click on “ Member sign in”
  3. Either sign in if you have an account or sign up to create one
  4. In the top right corner click on “Ask to become a member”
  5. Once your membership request has been approved (allow for a 24 turnover), an email will be sent (maybe to junk mail) inviting you back to the website to submit photos.
  6. On the main page there will be the given albums, click on preferred album and add photos.
  7. For each photo you submit, please include the student’s name, grade and teacher in the comments.
  8. If you have completed this process in February, you are still a member and can start posting photos in the new albums.


  1. Only post relevant photos in specific albums. Photos that do not comply with album themes will not be used. The above descriptions provide all the details.
  2. Please do not create your own albums.
  3. Choose the best photo to post in each album, as multiple photos of the same student in the same category cannot be used. For example, if student X has 3 photos in Runner’s Club and 5 in Snow Sports only 1 photo will be used from each category.


If you require additional support, please reach out to


The yearbook is now taking photo submission until Friday, February 26th. Photos will be accepted under eight specific categories; Virtual Learning Set Up. Chilling with your Best Friends, Sports, Family Game Night, Chef Specials, Back 2 Nature, FINE Arts at Home, and Takeout Tuesdays. See below for individual descriptions.


Category Descriptions

Virtual Learning Set Up – photos of students engaged in virtual learning at home or in different learning environments


Chilling with your Best Friends – photos of students with their pets


Sports – photos of students playing any sports (i.e., soccer, basketball, tennis etc.)


Family Game Night – photos of students and families playing their favorite board games


Chef Specials – photos of students cooking or working in the kitchen on their favorite recipes


Back 2 Nature – photos of students enjoying the great outdoors (i.e., hiking, skiing, playing in the snow, bike riding etc.)


FINE Arts at Home – photos of students creating art at home using any available medium


Takeout Tuesdays – photos of students enjoying takeout from local restaurants


Yearbook cover contest

All Medina Elementary students are invited to enter their drawings in the annual yearbook cover contest.


The winning drawing will appear on the cover of the 2020-2021 yearbook!


Submission deadline: Friday, December 18, 2020

Theme: "Coming Together"


Submit art on:

  1. 11 x 17 sheet of white paper (we can provide this paper! Just email
  2. Vertical orientation
  3. Include your name and grade on the back of your artwork
  4. Drop your submission at Medina Elementary in the bin labeled "Yearbook"


All entries must include:

  1. The words “COMING TOGETHER” (our theme this year)
  2. The words “Medina Elementary" 
  3. The date “2020-2021”


Tips for a good entry:

  1. Not a lot of white space - lots of color (including background)
  2. Mix up your medium - you can use crayons, colored markers, colored pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, etc.
  3. Use up the whole sheet of paper


Class photographers

Typically, class photographers are responsible for taking digital photos of your class at classroom events throughout the year to be included in the yearbook.


With remote learning, we are still determining how we can create the best yearbook possible! If you are interested in helping make sure your child's classroom has great photos in the yearbook, please contact us at



Questions? Contact