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Learning Disorders during Elementary School Years

10/15/2020 10:07 am

Learning about How your child’s brain works is crucial to support their mental health well being and mind’ s development, having this knowledge will help you see your child from a different perspective.

Here are some neurological variations that can affect the way your child learns. Ignoring the signs will only hold back your child and your family.

Here is a brief description:

šŸ“ŒDysgraphia: A learning difficulty specific to writing
šŸ“ŒDyslexia: A learning difficulty specific to reading.
šŸ“ŒDyscalculia: A learning difficulty specific to Mathematics
šŸ“ŒDyspraxia: A learning difficulty specific to fine & gross motor.

People with neurological differences are not broken or incomplete versions of normal people, they just learn and think differently and they only need to be accepted and understood.

Please if you have seen some of these signs check with your child’s pediatrician.

Maria Barrios
Advocacy Chair

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