Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

(previously I-Connect)


2020-2021 Chairs: Maria Ortega and Carmen Gomez Alzaga


Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is at the center of everything that PTAs accomplish. The goal of FACE is for each and every child and family in a community to feel as though they are part of Medina PTA, and for our PTA to be an active part of the community in which it resides.


What we do

We embrace our multicultural diversity and celebrate it. We are focused on family and community engagement to ensure our mission to support all children in our community.


Family and community engagement -

  • Fosters and builds community within our school where all feel welcome, and can make a positive difference for all children;
  • Builds and supports positive relationships between teachers, staff, administrators, families, and community partners;
  • Provides an accessible support system between school and community resources and families.

Through family and community engagement, Medina PTA can truly be a relevant, integral part of our community. WELCOME to FACE.


More Resources

BSD-assigned Medina Family and Community Engagement Specialist:

2020 Kick-Off Event 

When: ‪Friday, October 30th‬

  • Submit a picture of your carved or decorated pumpkin here by noon on Friday, October 30th.
  • 3:00 pm-‪5:00pm‬ - Drop off as many carved or decorated pumpkins as you would like at the Medina Elementary’s main parking lot loop (green line on this map) with the Pumpkin ID* (see below). We will provide LED tea lights for your pumpkins to be lit for the event.
  • 6:30pm-8:00pm - Put on your costume and drive through to view the lit-up pumpkins, give a Medina Tiger hello to Principal Harvey, and receive a Halloween treat!‬
  • At home - Vote online for your favorite pumpkins! All the pumpkins dropped off between 3:00-5:00pm will be eligible for voting. Voting will be available on this page by ‪6:30pm of the same day‬.
  • Pick-up your pumpkin on ‪Saturday, October 31st‬ by 3:00pm at Franck Residency (address to be emailed). We will have to dispose of the pumpkins after that time.
  • Pumpkin awards will be announced in the Byte when the votes are all tallied up.

*Pumpkin ID: 1. Your name (student name/family name), 2. Student grade(s), and 3. Pumpkin name/theme on a piece of paper. Example: Smith Family (Karl and Jenny), 2nd and 4th grade, “Toothless Pawlie”. Put the Pumpkin ID in a ziplock bag and place it underneath your pumpkin when dropping off.