If you have any questions or want to get involved, please reach out to any of our Board officers or Committee chairs listed below. 


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2020-2021 PTA Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Position Name Email
Co-President Li-Tan Hsu president@medinapta.org 
Co-President Julie Franck president@medinapta.org 
Co-President Elect Maxine Lee president_elect@medinapta.org 
Co-President Elect María Ortega president_elect@medinapta.org 
VP Finance Michelle Reeves finance@medinapta.org 
VP Fundraising Svetlana Gershman fundraising@medinapta.org 
VP Fundraising Janice Kim fundraising@medinapta.org
VP Programs May Yee programs@medinapta.org 
VP Programs V Hsiao programs@medinapta.org 
VP Communications Marti Enke communications@medinapta.org 
Treasurer Maxine Lee treasurer@medinapta.org 
Self-Funding Treasurer Maxine Lee treasurer_sf@medinapta.org 
Secretary Shari Kauls secretary@medinapta.org 
Past President Tracy Mayclin pastpresident@medinapta.org 
Past President Marti Enke pastpresident@medinapta.org 
Member at Large Debbie Kalpakidis ptabod@medinapta.org 
Member at Large Angela Wang ptabod@medinapta.org 
Member at Large Bart Cornelissen ptabod@medinapta.org
Member at Large Cory Cuthbertson ptabod@medinapta.org 
Member at Large Evonne Lai ptabod@medinapta.org 
Member at Large Samvita Padukone  ptabod@medinapta.org 



2020-2021 PTA Committee Chairs


Programs and Events:

Please direct general questions about programs and events to our VP of Programs: programs@medinapta.org


Position Name Email
Book Fair Co-Chair Rebecca Johnston bookfair@medinapta.org 
Book Fair Co-Chair Shari Kauls bookfair@medinapta.org 
Chess Club Co-Chair V Hsiao chessclub@medinapta.org
Chess Club Co-Chair Michelle Reeves chessclub@medinapta.org
Chess Club Co-Chair Yan Yang chessclub@medinapta.org
DI Co-Chair Tracy Qin di@medinapta.org 
DI Co-Chair Ujvala Pereira di@medinapta.org 
Fantasy Football Commissioner  Tony Tsai fantasyfootball@medinapta.org
Graduation Party Chair Chasma Gerron graduationparty@medinapta.org
I-Connect Co-Chair María Ortega i-connect@medinapta.org 
I-Connect Co-Chair Carmen Gomez Alzaga i-connect@medinapta.org 
Ice Cream Social Anna Edmonds icecream@medinapta.org 
Math Adventure Chair Returning Next Year mathadventure@medinapta.org 
Math Club Co-Chair David Vincent mathclub@medinapta.org 
Math Club Co-Chair Maxine Lee mathclub@medinapta.org 
Reading Club Chair Kamila Tomaszewski reading@medinapta.org 
Reflections Co-Chair Su Su reflections@medinapta.org 
Reflections Co-Chair Li Ge reflections@medinapta.org
Runners Club Chair Maxine Lee runners@medinapta.org 
STEM Night Co-Chair Liang-Ting Jiang stem@medinapta.org 
STEM Night Co-Chair Li-Yen Chen stem@medinapta.org 
Snowsports Co-Chair May Yee snowsports@medinapta.org 
Snowsports Co-Chair John Franck snowsports@medinapta.org 
Talent Show Co-Chair Cecilia Ngan talentshow@medinapta.org 
Talent Show Co-Chair Ekta Jiwani talentshow@medinapta.org 
World Culture Night Co-Chair Kamila Tomaszewski worldculture@medinapta.org 
World Culture Night Co-Chair May Yee worldculture@medinapta.org 
World Culture Night Co-Chair Angela Wang worldculture@medinapta.org 




Please direct general fundraising questions to our VP of Fundraising: fundraising@medinapta.org


Position Name Email
Auction Co-Chair Returning Next Year auction@medinapta.org 
Auction Co-Chair Returning Next Year auction@medinapta.org 
Capital Campaign Tracy Mayclin capitalcampaign@medinapta.org 
Walk-A-Thon Co-Chair Svetlana Gershman walkathon@medinapta.org
Walk-A-Thon Co-Chair Janice Kim walkathon@medinapta.org



Please direct general communications questions to our VP of Communications: communications@medinapta.org


Position Name Email
Byte Editor Cory Cuthbertson byte@medinapta.org 
Webmaster Lucy Liang webmaster@medinapta.org 
Social Media Manager Marti Enke socialmedia@medinapta.org
Room Parents Coordinator Debbie Kalpakidis roomparents@medinapta.org 



Please direct general PTA questions to info@medinapta.org


Position Name Email
Advocacy Chair Maria Barrios advocacy@medinapta.org 
BSF Ambassador Samvita Padukone bsf@medinapta.org 
Class Pictures Chair Chasma Gerron classpictures@medinapta.org 
Directory Chair Jun Zhang directory@medinapta.org 
Field Day Chair Returning Next Year fieldday@medinapta.org
Graphic Designer V Hsiao graphic@medinapta.org 
Legislative Rep Andrea Turner legislative@medinapta.org 
Library Chair Returning Next Year library@medinapta.org 
Membership Chair María Ortega membership@medinapta.org 
Photographer V Hsiao photographer@medinapta.org 
Staff Appreciation Co-Chair Liz Quinn staffappreciation@medinapta.org 
Staff Appreciation Co-Chair Michelle Razore staffappreciation@medinapta.org 
Yearbook Chair Kamila Tomaszewski yearbook@medinapta.org