World Culture Night

2020-2021 Chairs: Kamila Tomaszewski, May Yee, Angela Wang


Medina World Culture Night is an amazing opportunity for our school community to learn about and appreciate each other's cultural heritage, including language, history, cuisine and customs.


Traditionally, this event has been one of the most popular and showcases the wonderful diversity we have at Medina. This year, World Culture Night will be held virtually and be a mix of prerecorded videos and live presentations from our students and families.


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World Culture Night - Fall 2020



Wednesday, November 4, 2020

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Each participating country will have a 5 minute time slot for a prerecorded video or a live session. Families from the same country are encouraged to work together. The deadline for form completion is Monday October 19th. The deadline for video submissions is Monday, October 26th.


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World Culture Night - Spring 2021



Wednesday, March 3, 2021

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


In the Fall World Culture Night, we travelled to different countries, learned about new foods and cultures with music and video presentations. This time, we hope for representation from even more countries!


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Represent Your Country

We've made it easy for everyone to participate with three different options:

  • Prepare a live presentation Prepare PowerPoint slides to present live, or play compiled videos during the event. Need suggestions for videos?
  • Submit a short video or pictures. Need suggestions? 
  • Complete and submit the Country Fun Facts template. These are general templates that your child can use to show their creative skills and teach us about their respective country. Simply print out a template, fill it out, and submit it here.
    • Simple Fun Facts template: PDF
    • Detailed Fun Facts template: PDF 

Submit Your Content

We are now accepting video, picture, and Fun Fact submissions via Google Form:

Submit Your Content!


Submissions are due Wednesday, February 24th


Suggestions for Recorded Videos or Pictures

We welcome videos and pictures about anything related to your country, as long as it is age appropriate for elementary school children.


For inspiration, here are some suggestions:

  • Fashion Show: Your child can wear a traditional outfit from your culture. Take a picture or have your child describe the outfit in a video.
  • Book Review: Your child can read a book from your culture (or any culture) and give a book review in a video.
  • Drawing/Calligraphy: Your child can draw in your country's style or write calligraphy in your country's language. Upload the drawing/writing, or record your child describing the drawing/writing.
  • Flag: Your child can share a drawing of your country's flag. Upload the drawing, or record your child explaining why they picked that country. You can use the Simple Fun Facts template above.
  • Game: Your child can share a traditional game from your country in a video.

How long should my video be? Videos can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as 5 minutes!



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