Snow Sports

2020-2021 Chairs: May Yee and John Franck 


This year, due to COVID, we will not be able to have a ski bus take students to and from Alpental. Instead, we have partnered with Alpental to offer Medina-exclusive ski/snowboard lessons. What this means is that parents are responsible for driving their children to and from Alpental. Once the children are at Alpental, Alpental will have a team of instructors to teach based upon the children’s ski level, similar to how Ski Bus has operated in the past.  


We are looking for a Snow Sports Co-Chair. Please email us if interested:


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Registration is now open for those who did not pre-register. Space is limited. The registration link is for PTA members only. Please remember to email the requested information to to complete your registration:

Registration Details and Links


General Information

When: Wednesdays: January 6, January 13, January 20, January 27, February 3, and February 10


Time: 2pm to 4pm


Cost: Between $260 to $275 depending upon volume. The more students we have, the less it will cost. The cost is for the lesson only, this does not include lift tickets, ski wear, etc. 


Who: Snow Sports activities organized through Medina PTA are for Medina Elementary students only



How to Pre-Register

We will need a minimum of 40 students in order to hold Medina Snow Sports this year. Snow Sports activities organized through Medina PTA are for Medina Elementary students only. Please complete this form by October 30, 2020 to commit to the program:


Pre-Register for Medina Snowsports


On November 6, 2020 we will determine whether we will hold Medina Snow Sports or cancel. If we reach the minimum number of students, we will then forward a link for payment and registration with Alpental.



If we are not able to reach the minimum number of students, we will then decide on one of two options:

  1. Cancel Medina Snow Sports this year; or
  2. Medina will create our own ski groups and work with Alpental to provide instructors for those groups.



You need all of the following equipment with you for ski or snowboard lessons:

  • Ski Pass – attached to jacket
  • Ski Jacket, helmet (must have a helmet) goggles
  • Ski Gloves or Mittens and hand warmers, sweater, long underwear,
  • Ski Socks (well fitting)( wool is great)
  • Ski/Snowboard Pants
  • Ski/Snowboard boots, skis/poles/snowboards- please make sure all equipment fits well,

VERY IMPORTANT: Please check all clothing and equipment for proper fit and function prior to the first lesson. A “dry run” will insure that your child’s first day goes smoothly! Also, it’s a good idea to label every piece of equipment with a name and phone number - we always have so many gloves, goggles, poles, hats, etc. - after every trip...



Questions? Email