Runners Club

2020-2021 Chair: Maxine Lee 


Exercise and physical fitness are as important as ever, and we look forward to helping you stay active!


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running maps

Approximately every three weeks, we release a running map with a specified route for you to run. Complete the route at a convenient time for you. 


We will release a series of running maps in the fall season (Maps #1-#6), one big map for the winter season (Map #7), and an additional series of maps for the spring season (Maps #8-#13).




Dates: May 2 to May 25

Distance: 2.5 Miles




Park at Clyde Hill Elementary if during non-school hours

Parking is also available along Points Dr. NE


If starting from Clyde Hill Elementary:

Head north on 96th Ave NE

Turn left onto 94th Ave NE

Continue walking as the street curves, becoming NE 27th St and 93rd Ave NE

Find (#1) as you turn left towards 92nd Ave NE

Turn right and head north on 92nd Ave NE

Find (#2)

Turn right onto NE 32nd St (stay on the right side) and find (#3)

Continue straight, on the left side of (#3)

Continue on the gravel walkway, which is on the right when the path splits into a drivable path (left) and a narrow pedestrian-only path (right). There should be taller/thicker shrubs on your right and less dense landscaping on your left.

Follow along as the dense shrubs on your right become a wooden fence

Walk along NE 32nd St 

Turn right and head south on 98th Ave NE

Turn left onto NE 31st St

Turn right onto 100th Ave NE

Turn left onto NE 29th Pl and find (#4)

Return to 100th Ave NE and find (#5)

Continue along the gravel walking path to stay on 100th Ave NE

Turn right onto NE 26th St and find (#6)

Turn left onto 96th Ave NE to return to the start




Course markers

Keep an eye out for course markers - lawn signs featuring our Runners Club tiger. The approximate location of each marker is shown on the running map, so you won't miss any of them! 


Each course marker has a question for you to answer. Remember your answers! We recommend that you take a picture of each question or bring paper and pencil.


All questions are meant to be FUN and SILLY - nothing personal! The fall and spring seasons feature mainly "Would you rather ..." questions (e.g., "would you rather be as small as an ant, or as big as a giant?"). The winter season feature "Caption This!"  questions.


after you RUN!

Please submit the appropriate form after you run:


Green Glitter Route


Once you submit a form, you will receive an email from the Runners Club Chair. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours, please email to confirm that we received your form submission.


If you followed our map, If you forgot some of the questions or didn't find all of the course markers, please contact We're happy to help!


Foot Tokens

Fall and spring only: Earn a little foot token for every route you complete! Collect a full rainbow set of foot tokens by completing all of the running routes in a season. 


Winter only: Earn a snowflake token for completing the jumping jacks challenge, and a penguin token for conquering our entire Winter Running Map. Foot tokens and mini foot tokens are also available based on your total mileage.


Make sure you submit the above form after each run so we know about it!


We will distribute foot tokens at the end of each season of Runners Club. You will also receive a small chain, so you can display your tokens proudly on your backpack when we return to school!



Runners Club is usually a twice-weekly, before-school activity that wakes kids up and gets them ready for the school day! We look forward to resuming our before-school running sessions once life return to "normal!" 


Previous Spring Maps

To coincide with Walkathon, we released TWO routes, the ORANGE GLITTER and BLUE GLITTER routes on April 7! Those who completed at least one of these routes and a Walkathon live event received a special paw token.



Neighborhood: Medina

Dates: April 7 to April 27

Distance: 2 Miles




Park along NE 28th St, across the street from Bellevue Christian School

Run/walk south on NE 79th St and find (#1)

CAUTION: Be careful when crossing 24th St

Curve along NE 21st St to reach 78th Ave NE

Find the pathway between houses to reach 77th Ave NE

(If you cannot find the pathway, you can reach 77th Ave via NE 22nd St)

Turn left onto 77th Ave NE and find (#2)

Turn left onto NE 16th St to find (#3)

Turn around and walk to Evergreen Point Rd

Run/Walk north on Evergreen Point Rd and find (#4)

Turn right onto NE 22nd St

Turn left onto 77th Ave NE

CAUTION: Be extra cautious when crossing 24th St

Continue along the Indian Trail

Turn left on NE 28th St and find (#5)

Turn around and return to your car




Neighborhood: Enatai and Beaux Arts

Dates: April 7 to April 27

Distance: 2.3 Miles




IMPORTANT: Sign #4 is missing. We apologize for any confusion this causes!



These are neighborhood streets, and there are multiple places where you will need to cross the street where there are no crosswalks. Please be extra cautious.




Park along 108th Ave SE, next to Enatai Neighborhood Park

Run/walk down 108th Ave SE to find (#1)

Cross 108th St (*no crosswalk) and continue along SE 28th St

Turn right onto 110th Ave SE

Turn left onto SE 30th St to find (#2)

Loop back and continue along 110th Ave SE

Turn left onto SE 31st St

Cross 108th St (*no crosswalk) and turn right to find (#3)

Turn left onto SE 30th St

Find (#4) on Enatai Dr

Curve north along SE 30th St

Turn right onto SE 29th St

Take the diagonal path to 106th Pl SE and then dirt path to 107th Pl SE

(If you cannot find these paths, you can reach 107th Pl SE via SE 29th St)

Continue north on 107th Pl SE and find (#5)

Enter Enatai Neighborhood Park

Keep left in the park, initially following the fence

Leave the park on 106th Pl SE

Take a hard right onto SE 27th St and continue as the street curves

Cross 104th Ave SE (*no crosswalk) and find (#6)

Cross 104th Ave SE (*no crosswalk) and return to the crosswalk

Walk north along 104th Ave SE

Turn right onto SE 25th St and return to the start





Yellow Glitter Route

Dates: March 14 to April 5

Distance: 1.6 Miles / 1.8 Miles with optional Main Street section


Special Instructions

To complete this route, you will need the Scavenger Hunt PDF!

Printouts are available in the PTA bin in front of the school.

Learn more here.





Park on the street on the west side of Wildwood Park

Head into WildWood Park to find the answers to (A)

Exit WildWood Park to continue south on 101st Ave SE

Turn left onto 100th Ave SE and find (#1)

Continue up the hill!

Turn left onto SE 8th St

Turn right onto 102nd Ave SE

Turn left onto SE 10th St and find (#2)

Turn left onto 104th Ave SE

Turn left onto SE 8th St

Turn right onto 102nd Ave SE and find (#3)

Continue down the pedestrian path

Find (B) and (C) along 102nd Ave SE

Return to the start by going through WildWood Park OR

Continue to Main Street and find (D)



Dates: February 25 - March 23

Distance: 3.1 miles





Park at Chinook Middle School on either the east or south side of the school. If starting from the east parking lot ...


Head east on NE 21st St

Cross 100th Ave using the crosswalk

Curve north onto NE 21st Pl and find (#1)

Turn right and head south on Bellevue Way for one block

Turn right and head west on NE 20th Pl, find (#2)

Curve back onto NE 21st St

Cross 100th Ave using the crosswalk

Head south on 100th Ave NE

Turn right on NE 19th St and find (#3)

Turn left onto 98th Ave NE and walk/run one block

Turn left onto NE 18th St and return to 100th Ave

Turn right and head south on 100th Ave, find (#4)

Turn right on NE 14th St

Find (#5) on 99th Ave NE and return to NE 14th St

Turn left onto 98th Ave NE and find (#6)

Return to NE 14th St via NE 13th St and 97th Ave NE

Head north on 97th Ave NE

Turn right onto NE 15th St

Turn left onto 98th Ave NE and walk/run past Bellevue Christian School

Turn left onto NE 18th St, continuing between Bellevue Christian and Chinook

Turn left onto 96th Ave NE

Turn right onto NE 16th St and find (#7)

Turn right onto 95th Ave NE and find (#8)

Turn right onto NE 18th St and head back to 98th Ave NE

Turn left and head north to return to the start


Winter Challenge

It's cold and wet outside, but that shouldn't stop us from staying fit this winter! Our Runners Club winter challenge provides both indoor and outdoor options to help our children stay active this winter.



 The Challenge: Jumping Jacks!

This indoor option lets us stay consistent with our exercise regardless of what the weather may bring.


Complete 30 days of jumping jacks by February 23 March 1, increasing in number every day! You can follow the suggested chart below or create your own goals. Days 1-10 are "easy" to build confidence, Days 11-20 form the habit, and Days 21-30 are to challenge yourself.



Jumping Jack Logs

There are two ways to log your jumping jacks. Completed logs are due February 23 March 1, so make sure to get started on this challenge by the end of January.


Option 1: Print and Email


Print out a log (Word, PDF) and fill it out throughout the 30 days. Take a picture or scan the completed log and email it to


Want a harder challenge? Try these logs: Word/PDF or Word/PDF.


Option 2: Online Form


An online jumping jack log is available for each student on your family's Medina PTA Account page. You can "save" your progress during the 30 days, and then "submit" your log when you complete the challenge.


Snowflake Token

Complete the jumping jack challenge and earn a little snowflake token. Snowflake tokens, along with a chain, will be distributed after the winter season.


Up to four foot tokens, mini tokens, and a penguin token are also available for those who complete the outdoor challenge, detailed below.




The Challenge: Keep Running Outside - 10 Mile Goal!

Keep running outside! Sneak in a run whenever the weather allows!


We've made it easy for the winter- run anywhere you want ... or check out our winter running map. Our winter map has 11 suggested loops all over the Medina attendance area. You can run all of the suggested loops, some of the loops, or even the same one over and over again! Each loop is approximately one mile long.


Earn up to four foot tokens when you run 10+ miles this winter! Tokens are awarded:

  • pink: after your first mile
  • clear blue: after two additional miles (3 total miles)
  • clear glitter: after three additional miles (6 total miles)
  • glow in the dark: after four additional miles (10 total miles)

Once you've hit 10 miles, you can earn a mini foot token for every additional five miles you run (so at miles 15, 20, 25, and so on).


After each run, please fill out this form to update us on your progress:


Winter Running Form


Penguin Token

Conquer our winter running map and receive a penguin token! 


Remember: the penguin token is only available to those who follow our winter running map, not to those who run their own routes.




For winter, we've released a map with 11 suggested loops for you to run. Each loop is approximately one mile long. Pick and choose which loops you want to run, and finish them at a time that's good for you!


Run one mile at a time, or run multiple loops in a single outing. The winter map shows how you can connect one loop to another.





Dates: January 3 to March 1




Closer Look Maps: Southwest, Northwest, Southeast


There is one course marker per loop (labelled A, B, ..., K).

The Closer Look Maps show the location of the course markers more accurately. 

What are course markers?


Closer Look: Southwest Map



Closer Look: Northwest Map



Closer Look: Southeast Map


NOTE: For course J, the pedestrian pathway is a narrow grassy space between properties.



Fall Running maps 



Dates: August 17 to September 13.

Distance: 1.7 miles




If you park on NE 12th St:

walk/run west on NE 12th St,

walk/run south on Evergreen Point Rd,

walk/run east on Overlake Drive West,

walk/run north on 81st Ave NE,

walk/run east on NE 8th St,

continue on 83rd Ave NE,

continue north on 84th Ave NE,

walk/run into Medina Park on 82nd Ave NE, and

finish running/walking on NE 12th St.






Dates: September 20 to October 6

Distance: 3.1 miles





If you park at the Evergreen Point Park & Ride or at Fairweather Park***:


Run/walk the UPPER LOOP:

  • head north on Evergreen Point Rd
  • turn right onto 78th Pl NE
  • continue curving right onto NE 32nd St back to Evergreen Point Rd

Run/walk the LOWER LOOP:

  • head south on Evergreen Point Rd
  • turn left onto NE 28th St
  • turn right onto the pedestrian trail on 77th Ave NE
  • BEFORE YOU REACH NE 24th St, turn left out of the trail
  • Continue on the pedestrian only path between 78th Ave NE and 79th Ave NE
  • Continue as the road becomes NE 26th St
  • Turn left onto 80th Ave NE
  • Turn right onto NE 27th
  • Curve along the road as it becomes 82nd Ave NE
  • Turn left onto NE 24th St
  • Turn left onto 84th Ave NE
  • Do the loop in Medina Circle
  • Turn left onto the pedestrian only path that parallels 520 (you do NOT need to cross any streets)
  • Continue onto NE 28th St
  • Turn right onto Evergreen Point Rd


***TRY TRAIL RUNNING! If you've never been to Fairweather Park, check it out! Try jogging to get a taste of trail running, but be careful of tripping hazards (e.g., tree roots and rocks). If you enjoy running there, other nearby fun trails are: Kelsey Creek, Bridle Trails, and Mercer Slough.






Dates: October 11-27

Distance: 2.3 miles



Parking: Parking is available on 92nd St, north of NE 8th St. Please be aware of traffic along 92nd St. We recommend students open their doors on the passenger-side to avoid traffic. If you are not comfortable parking on 92nd St, please try other street/neighborhood parking. You can also begin the route from 100th St and beginning with course marker #4.



Enter Vuecrest from NE 10th St

Find and run/walk the narrow pedestrian pathway between houses

Turn right onto Evergreen Dr. and look for (#1)

Turn left onto Park Rd

Turn left again on Vineyard Crest

Continue northwest on Vineyard Crest and look for (#2)

Find and run/walk the pedestrian pathway

Turn right onto Hilltop Rd

Turn right onto Park Rd

Turn left onto Belfair Rd and look for (#3)

Look for (#4) as Belfair Rd becomes Vineyard Crest

Find and run/walk the pedestrian pathway, looking for (#5)

Turn right onto Hilltop Rd

Find and run/walk the pedestrian pathway

Turn right onto Vineyard Crest and look for (#6)

Exit via NE 10th St






Dates: October 25 - November 10

Distance: 2.1 miles




Park at Medina Elementary School

Start on 81st Ave and find (#1)

Walk/run east on Overlake Dr W

Turn left onto Upland Road and find (#2)

Turn onto Ridge Road

Turn right onto NE 5th and a quick left onto 86th Ave NE

Walk/run out and back on NE 7th St to find (#3)

Continue up 86th Ave NE

Walk/run west on NE 10th St and find (#4)

Walk/run north on 84th St NE

Take a sharp left at the all-way stop

Run/walk on 82nd St NE and find (#5)

Cross the street at the crosswalk into the parking lot of Medina Park

Continue through Medina Park until you reach the playground

Walk/run south and exit the park onto 80th Ave NE

Find (#6) on 80th Ave NE

Continue until you reach the school and find (#7)





Dates: November 8 - December 1

Distance: 2.5 miles





Park on NE 12th St Street, on either side of 84th Ave

Head north on 86th Ave

Turn left onto NE 14th St and look for (#1) and (#2)

Turn left onto NE 15th St

On 85th Ave NE, find (#3) before heading north

Curve right onto NE 17th St

Head up the hill on the NE 17th Pl cul-de-sac to find (#4)

Return to NE 17th St and fine (#5)

Continue up the hill on NE 16th St

Turn left onto 90th Ave and fine (#6)

Complete the loop and go back down the hill

Head south on 88th Ave NE

Go up the hill on NE 15th Pl cul-de-sac to find (#7)

Return to 88th Ave NE

Turn left onto NE 14th St

Cross 92nd Ave using the crosswalk

Head south on 92nd Ave

Turn left onto NE 13th St and find (#8)

Return to 92nd Ave and use the crosswalk to cross 92nd Ave

Continue on NE 13th St and find (#9)

Turn left on 86th Ave





Dates: November 22 - December 15

Distance: 1.9 miles



Parking Directions:

Park in the overflow parking lot of Meydenbauer Bay Park.

This parking lot is accessible from 98th Ave NE between 4th and 5th St.

There are wood-railed staircases towards the back of the parking lot (further from the lake)

Take the northwest-facing stairs (on your right if you're facing the lake)

The stairs bring you to NE 1st St.



From NE 1st St, take an immediate right onto 97th Ave NE

Turn left onto NE 5th St and find (#1)

Turn left onto 96th Ave NE and right onto NE 1st St

Run/walk on NE 1st St to find (#2)

Turn left onto 94th Ave NE

Make two quick right turns on LK WA Blvd NE and 92nd Ave to find (#3)

Run/walk on NE 1st back to 94th Ave NE

Turn left onto 94th Ave NE and find (#4)

Make two right turns on NE 8th St and 95th Ave NE to find (#5)

Turn left onto NE 5th St

Turn left onto 96th Ave NE and find (#6) and (#7)

Turn right onto NE 8th St

Turn right onto 99th Ave NE and find (#8)

Return to the overflow parking lot via NE 5th St and 98th Ave NE


Fall Season FAQ

Directions: Click on the question to view the answer. You must click on the TEXT, not the surrounding colored box. 

How will you pick running routes?


We will select routes that fall within the Medina Elementary School attendance boundary. We will do our best to spread out the routes so that every family living within the boundary has at least one convenient route from their home.


If possible, we will help identify parking locations for those who need to drive into the area.


Our Runners Club chair will complete the course before releasing a running map to ensure that the entire course is safe.

Can I walk the routes, or do i have to run?


We encourage running if it's within your physical capabilities, but you don't have to! Running, jogging, skipping, and walking are all great options!


Just please don't bike, scooter, drive, or use any other equipment.


How long will the running routes be?


At 1.7 miles, the first running map will have the shortest route to get everyone warmed up! Afterwards, we plan to release maps that are 2.5-5 miles long.


Can I complete the course with friends?


Please follow current social distancing guidelines from the state, public health, and BSD. Since Runners Club is an outdoor activity, it is possible for you to complete a route with a limited number friends in most reopening phases.




Questions? Email