Runners Club

2020-2021 Chair: Maxine Lee 


We are excited to announce our Runners Club plans for 2020-2021! Exercise and physical fitness are as important as ever, and we look forward to helping you stay active!


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running maps

We're introducing club Running Maps! Complete the map's specified route at a convenient time for you. We will release a series of running maps throughout the fall season.



Dates: October 11-27

Distance: 2.3 miles



Parking: Parking is available on 92nd St, north of NE 8th St. Please be aware of traffic along 92nd St. We recommend students open their doors on the passenger-side to avoid traffic. If you are not comfortable parking on 92nd St, please try other street/neighborhood parking. You can also begin the route from 100th St and beginning with course marker #4.



Enter Vuecrest from NE 10th St

Find and run/walk the narrow pedestrian pathway between houses

Turn right onto Evergreen Dr. and look for (#1)

Turn left onto Park Rd

Turn left again on Vineyard Crest

Continue northwest on Vineyard Crest and look for (#2)

Find and run/walk the pedestrian pathway

Turn right onto Hilltop Rd

Turn right onto Park Rd

Turn left onto Belfair Rd and look for (#3)

Look for (#4) as Belfair Rd becomes Vineyard Crest

Find and run/walk the pedestrian pathway, looking for (#5)

Turn right onto Hilltop Rd

Find and run/walk the pedestrian pathway

Turn right onto Vineyard Crest and look for (#6)

Exit via NE 10th St



Course markers

On your route, keep an eye out for course markers - lawn signs featuring our Runners Club tiger. The approximate location of each marker is shown on the running map, so you won't miss any of them! 


Look for the question on the bottom of each course marker, and remember your answers! To help you keep track, we recommend that you take a picture of each question or bring a paper and pencil.


These questions are meant to be FUN and SILLY - nothing personal: e.g., "would you rather be as small as an ant, or as big as a giant?"


Submit your answers online to let us know you've completed the running route. We'll compile everyone's answers, and we may publish them on this website or in the Byte.


after you finish - SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS!

Congratulations! Please submit your answers online to let us know you've completed the course. We'll compile everyone's answers, and we may publish them on this website or in the Byte.


Submit Your Answers


If you completed the course, but forgot some of the questions or didn't find all of the course markers, please contact We're happy to help!


Foot Tokens

Earn a little foot token for every route you complete! Collect a full rainbow set of foot tokens by completing all of the running routes this fall. Make sure you submit your answers in the above form so we know you completed a route.


We will distribute foot tokens at the end of the fall season of Runners Club. You will also receive a small chain, so you can display your tokens proudly on your backpack when we return to school!



Runners Club is usually a twice-weekly, before-school activity that wakes kids up and gets them ready for the school day! We look forward to resuming our before-school running sessions once life return to "normal!" 


Previous Running maps 




Dates: August 17 to September 13.

Distance: 1.7 miles




If you park on NE 12th St:

walk/run west on NE 12th St,

walk/run south on Evergreen Point Rd,

walk/run east on Overlake Drive West,

walk/run north on 81st Ave NE,

walk/run east on NE 8th St,

continue on 83rd Ave NE,

continue north on 84th Ave NE,

walk/run into Medina Park on 82nd Ave NE, and

finish running/walking on NE 12th St.






Dates: September 20 to October 6

Distance: 3.1 miles





If you park at the Evergreen Point Park & Ride or at Fairweather Park***:


Run/walk the UPPER LOOP:

  • head north on Evergreen Point Rd
  • turn right onto 78th Pl NE
  • continue curving right onto NE 32nd St back to Evergreen Point Rd

Run/walk the LOWER LOOP:

  • head south on Evergreen Point Rd
  • turn left onto NE 28th St
  • turn right onto the pedestrian trail on 77th Ave NE
  • BEFORE YOU REACH NE 24th St, turn left out of the trail
  • Continue on the pedestrian only path between 78th Ave NE and 79th Ave NE
  • Continue as the road becomes NE 26th St
  • Turn left onto 80th Ave NE
  • Turn right onto NE 27th
  • Curve along the road as it becomes 82nd Ave NE
  • Turn left onto NE 24th St
  • Turn left onto 84th Ave NE
  • Do the loop in Medina Circle
  • Turn left onto the pedestrian only path that parallels 520 (you do NOT need to cross any streets)
  • Continue onto NE 28th St
  • Turn right onto Evergreen Point Rd


***TRY TRAIL RUNNING! If you've never been to Fairweather Park, check it out! Try jogging to get a taste of trail running, but be careful of tripping hazards (e.g., tree roots and rocks). If you enjoy running there, other nearby fun trails are: Kelsey Creek, Bridle Trails, and Mercer Slough.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Directions: Click on the question to view the answer. You must click on the TEXT, not the surrounding colored box. 

How will you pick running routes?


We will select routes that fall within the Medina Elementary School attendance boundary. We will do our best to spread out the routes so that every family living within the boundary has at least one convenient route from their home.


If possible, we will help identify parking locations for those who need to drive into the area.


Our Runners Club chair will complete the course before releasing a running map to ensure that the entire course is safe.

Can I walk the routes, or do i have to run?


We encourage running if it's within your physical capabilities, but you don't have to! Running, jogging, skipping, and walking are all great options!


Just please don't bike, scooter, drive, or use any other equipment.


How long will the running routes be?


At 1.7 miles, the first running map will have the shortest route to get everyone warmed up! Afterwards, we plan to release maps that are 2.5-5 miles long.


Can I complete the course with friends?


Please follow current social distancing guidelines from the state, public health, and BSD. Since Runners Club is an outdoor activity, it is possible for you to complete a route with a limited number friends in most reopening phases.




Questions? Email