Reading Club

2020-2021 Chair: Kamila Tomaszewski


A new school year is upon us, and with it comes the new and exciting Medina Elementary Reading Club. This year we will focus on the amount of time each student reads, use reading logs, and have monthly prizes.



Join our reading challenge! Our goal is to have Medina students read 2 million minutes by the end of the 2020-2021 school year.


Reading logs

Every time a student reads, they are asked to record their reading minutes on Reading Logs and get a parental initial. Reading Logs will be submitted online weekly on Monday, and we will track our schools’ progress at the end of each month.


A new Reading Log for the current week will be available for each student on your family's Medina PTA Account page every Monday. Students are encouraged to engage in a wide variety of reading materials, including e-books, books, magazines, audiobooks, comics and more.



There will be monthly prizes based on the top three readers of Medina and a monthly draw. Our monthly top readers will win a book of their choice, while the draw will include science, STEM and art kits. The more students read, the more often their name will be entered into the drawing.


How do students enter their name in the monthly draw?

  1. Submit your weekly Reading Logs on Monday
  2. Read More based on your grade category:
    • K-2nd grade: every weekly 100 minutes
    • 3rd-5th grade: every weekly 200 minutes 

October 2020 Prizes:

K-2nd Grade: Jumbo Slime Kit




3rd-5th Grade: Galaxy Slime Kit




Previous Prizes

K-2nd Grade:

Dynamo Lab Science Kit

3rd-5th Grade

Mega Crystal Growing Lab