Medina PTA advocates for our children's health and wellbeing at the local, state, and national levels: from parent education events at our school to legislative action through WSPTA and National PTA.


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Parent Education

2020-2021 Advocacy Chair: Maria Barrios


Medina PTA's 2020-2021 advocacy priority is supporting families through the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to provide educational resources to help our families during these times.


Interviews with Experts:



(Source: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)


Anxiety in Children

Anxiety is a major problem interfering with kids’ emotional well-being. Learn and understand your anxious child’s reactions:



Learning Disorders

Today I want to share information about important learning disorders that can be part of your child’s life. Learning about these will help you see your child from a different perspective.

Here is a brief description:

šŸ“ŒDysgraphia: A learning difficulty specific to writing
šŸ“ŒDyslexia: A learning difficulty specific to reading.
šŸ“ŒDyscalculia: A learning difficulty specific to Mathematics
šŸ“ŒDyspraxia: A learning difficulty specific to fine & gross motor.

Sometimes we don’t know why our child is struggling at school and because of that it’s crucial that we learn about these neurological variations that can affect the way your child learns. Ignoring the signs will only hold back your child and your family.

Families can benefit from early intervention by being able to better meet their children's needs from an early age and throughout their lives.

Let’s Speak Up for our kids, they need to know that People with neurological differences are not broken or incomplete versions of normal people, they just learn and think differently and they only need to be accepted and understood.




Local Contacts

2020-2021 Medina Legislative Rep: Andrea Turner 


2020-2021 WSPTA Region 2 Advocacy Chair: Gwen Loosmore 


Updates from Medina's Legislative Rep

October 11, 2020: Nov. 3 Election Day- important dates and information


State Legislature

Let your state legislators know how important funding our children’s education is to you via emails and/or phone calls!  Click HERE to go to the Washington State Legislative page for contacts.


To check on the status of a bill or to comment, go to:


Latest Advocacy News from WSPTA

Keep up with the latest Advocacy news at WSPTA Advocacy Blog.


Washington State PTA 2020 Advocacy Survey

Member voice matters — please complete the Washington State PTA 2020 Advocacy Survey. There’s a wide range of advocacy issues and we need your voice to help our PTA delegates vote on the Top 5 issues that are most important to us. Your replies will help guide our PTA’s delegates when they vote at the upcoming WSPTA Legislative Assembly in late October where the new 2020-2021 Platform will be set.

The issues all support the health, education, and welfare of children and youth but the proposed platform covers a wide spectrum of advocacy positions and legislative policies from increasing access to mental health to preventing gun violence and suicide to closing the digital divide.

Take the survey and let us know what’s important to you. The survey closes on October 9th.


2019-2020 WSPTA Legislative platform

A summary of the 2019-2020 WSPTA legislative platform can be found HERE.


Click on each of the following issues for a one page summary:


TOP 5 Legislative Priorities for 2019-2020:

Social Emotional Learning

School Construction and Simple Majority for Bonds

Prevent Gun Violence

Strategies to Address the Teacher Shortage

Strategic K-12 Investments to Close Gaps


2019-2020 WSPTA Supported Issues: 

Best Practices for School Meals - Lunch

Best Practices for School Recess

Engaging Families in Student Success

Equitable Identification of Highly Capable Students

Funding Paraeducator Training

Increase Access to High-Quality Preschool

Raise the Age of Tobacco and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems to 21

Safe School Plans and Emergency Preparedness


National PTA

Find out about National PTA's Advocacy Programs & Resources on their website.